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Around 30 years ago, progressive lenses were designed to improve the bifocal lenses.  Bifocal lenses contained the distance prescription in the main part of the lens while the reading prescription was in a half moon area at the bottom of the lens.  Progressive lenses now contain the distance prescription on the top of the lens, intermediate prescription in the middle, and the reading prescription at the bottom of the lens with gradual transition zones and without the obvious bifocal lines. 

Custom Progressive Lenses
Many progressive lens designs have mild image distortions on the peripheral edges of the lens.  Within the past couple of years, several lens manufacturers have created a custom progressive lens uniquely designed for each person.  With the increased customization, there is less peripheral distortions and larger areas of clear vision than readily available (stocked) progressive lenses.  The following lens manufacturers have the custom progressive lenses available: Zeiss' Gradal Individual and Rodenstock's Multigressive. 

Office Progressive Lenses
Regular progressive lenses are designed to provide vision for near, intermediate, and far distances tend to have a smaller viewing area for intermediate vision.  This small intermediate zone of clear vision can make regular progressive lenses not ideal for those who spend a lot of time in an office, in front of a computer, sewing machine or stovetop.  Regular progressive lenses will sometimes require certain head positions which  provide good intermediate vision but not be the most comfortable for a prolong amount of time.  For these individuals, a pair of eyeglasses with office progressive lenses may be the ideal solution.  Office progressive lenses provide a wider horizontal area of clear vision in the intermediate and near zones for easier left-right scanning such as reading.  These larger clear intermediate and near zones provide more comfort with a more natural head position and less head adjustments to obtain clear intermediate and near vision.  With more area allotted for the intermediate and near zones, the distance zone is minimal.  Office progressive lenses should not to be used while driving but may help to see a coworker passing by.  We offer a selection of office progressive lenses from various manufacturers to hopefully meet your office vision needs.

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