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Lens Design

In the past, there were only two options for eyeglass wearers.  Single vision lenses contain one prescription to see far away or to see near. Bifocal lenses contain two prescriptions to see far away and near with the same pair of glasses.  However advances in lens design have brought about new options for both those who need single vision lenses as well as those who need multiple prescriptions in a single lens. More information on progressive lenses can be found on the link to the left.

Aspherical Lens Design
Aspheric lenses are a recent innovation that allow lenses to eliminate much of the peripheral distortions that one may see through traditional lenses.  In addition, aspheric lenses also have less magnification for those with high plus prescriptions thus reducing the "bubble eye" look. Aspheric lens technology is being used in both single vision and progressive lenses.

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