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Lens Coatings

Beyond the lens itself, there are various optional coatings and treatments which can help improve the performance of the lenses in one's prescription.  Various tints and colors can be applied to lenses to improve clarity of vision under certain light conditions or enhance the cosmetic appearance. In addition, there are other coatings and lens treatments available to help improve the clarity of vision . 

Colors, Mirrors, and Polarized Coatings
Lenses can be dyed to almost any conceivable color or tint-- brown, grey, blue, green, pink and more.  These tints can be of one uniform shade (solid tint) or in gradients from the top of the lens as a dark color smoothly transiting into clear or another color at the bottom. Colored metallic mirrors can also be put in to reduce glare and ultraviolet and achieve a sporty appearance.  Polarized coatings reduce glare from bright surfaces such as snow, water, and sand  by redirecting the light.

Anti-Reflective Coatings
Anti-Reflective coatings or AR coatings for short are extremely popular in Europe and Asia.  AR coatings are designed to reduce the reflection that shines from the front and back surfaces of  lenses. The result is improved vision performance and better cosmetic appeal.  

AR coats will reduce the amount of glare caused by  the sun reflecting off objects or headlights of vehicles at night.  In addition, the annoying ghost images from the back side of the lenses are dramatically reduced.  The reduction of glare and ghost images can provide sharper and clearer vision. 

Without an AR coat, one's eyes can be hidden or blurred by the reflection on the front surface of the lenses.  AR coats can make one's eyes more apparent during important moments of eye contact such as talking to people, being in pictures or on camera.  

Early AR coats tend to scratch and smudge more easily. However AR technology today has made these coats more durable and easier to care for.  Certain high quality AR coats are now almost as scratch resistant as glass and all AR coats that we use come with warranties against scratching, so you can rest assured that your AR coat will perform as promised.

Photochromatic Lenses
Photochromatic lenses have a special invisible layer so that when they are exposed to ultraviolet light, they will darken to gray or brown.  These lenses are convenient for those who would like a pair of sunglasses, but do not want to hassle with a separate sunglass pair or clip on sunglasses for their clear pair of eyeglasses. One drawback to these lenses is that ultraviolet rays are mostly filtered by the car's windshield, so these photochromatic lenses tend not to be dark inside a car.

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